Exercise key to Alzheimer's prevention

It is no secret to seniors that exercise and good dieting habits go a long way to keep you living longer and healthier, but new research says it will also help stave off Alzheimer's.

According to GlobalNews.ca, The Lancet medical journal reported that up to 3 million cases of Alzheimer's around the world can be prevented if people tried to improve a number of risk factors, including lack of physical activity, obesity and smoking.

In the USA, about a third of the population is sedentary, so a large number of Alzheimer's cases are potentially attributable to physical inactivity, said Deborah Barnes, one of the researchers, according to the news source. She also pointed out that low level of education was the largest risk factor for Alzheimer', smoking was second, and low physical activity was third.

With these findings, seniors and their families have more evidence that paying attention to their personal eating, exercise and overall lifestyle habits can help to avoid Alzheimer's Disease and the need for Alzheimer's Care. And with good health, seniors can enjoy many years of retirement living.

By Robert Walker