Senior retirement living communities may be solution to sandwich generation

Senior living communities may be solution for people of the sandwich generationThe "sandwich generation" has become a well-known term describing individuals between 40 and 60 who are providing home care to an aging parent or loved one while raising their own children. It was recently reported, however, that moving a parent into a senior retirement living community could be the answer to caregivers who think it is too much, according to Naples News.

A senior living facility cannot only give peace of mind to their relatives because there is constant medical care available but can also give the aging parent the benefit of comfort of living safely, the news source reports. The combination can prevent a lot of trouble from stirring within the family from the stress of making sure a parent is safe.

July has become known as Sandwich Generation Month in order to educate more people on the beneficial practices and solutions for caring for an older adult. This issue is not expected to go away any time soon as the number of people providing home care is only expected to increase. The baby boomer generation will cause the number of Americans who are 65 and older to double in the next 40 years.