Tips to make it easier for caregivers to plan for future

Tips to make caregiving a little easierMetlife Mature Market Institute has recently released a report that offers advice to the millions of Americans who are currently providing home care for their aging loved one.

"These tips were developed as a companion piece to the study to provide solutions for the legions of dedicated caregivers who are making not only emotional and physical sacrifices, but also financial sacrifices for their parents," said Sandra Timmermann, the director of the institute.

Some of the tips include reconsidering the prospect of leaving a full-time job, because certain benefits do not come to their full potential if someone does not stay at work long enough. It is also important to make sure to incorporate all of costs that will continue throughout a life before leaving a job.

The study that the Institute conducted found that nearly 10 million employed caregivers lose nearly $3 trillion in wages, pensions and social security benefits due to leaving work to care for their aging family member.

According to the Los Angeles Times, there are some resources for families that feel they need to hire a skilled professional to care for their loved one. Individuals can go through the Alzheimer's Association, American Red Cross or Caregiver Resource Centers, which can guide people looking for these services in the right direction.