Tips on having those tough conversations with aging parents

Tips on starting the conversation with aging parentsThe sandwich generation, which is the group of people who are taking care of both their aging parents and their own children, are now facing the implications of caring for multiple individuals. This could work out perfectly, as long as there is a conversation about the long term care of the aging adult and that communication continues within the family, according to EmpowHer.

The news source reports that almost half of all Americans will eventually need long term care, and that includes around two years of home care for seniors with an additional three years at an assisted living facility or nursing home. Because of these statistics, it is important to have the conversation with aging parents about their future.

"A proactive approach can yield better options when the time comes and can head off a family emergency," Jody Gasfriend of told the news source.

It is important, however, to take into consideration the senior parent's feelings. According to the New York Times, one caregiver shared her story about her aging mother who would continually get frustrated with herself. Therefore, by incorporating both sensitivity and logic, a family can go through this time successfully.