Pennsylvania senior community opens up new complex

New retirement community in PennsylvaniaThere is a new retirement living community that opened up this past week in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, and was celebrated by a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 30, according to North PennLife.

Advanced Living Communities, which is a part of an affordable and safe option for retirement living, opened up their third installment. The new apartment complex creates 59 units for elderly people who are looking for a safe place where they can keep up their active lifestyles, according to the news source.

There were more than 1,200 older adults who applied for this housing, and the company expects the complex to be full by then end of July.

This isn't the last of the installments, either - the company plans on creating three more of these buildings, the media outlet reports.

The baby boomer generation is now starting to retire, which may cause a boost in retirement living communities such as this. For example, in Michigan, one in six working-age residents will reach 65 years of age this decade, according to Booth News Service.