Baby boomers find more ways to continue active lifestyle

Boomers start retirement as Baby boomers are reaching the age of retirement, and it is believed that these boomers are going to be changing the idea of the "golden years" by keeping up with their active lifestyles. According to Fox Business News, "workampers" may be the perfect retirement term for some of these boomers.

Workampers are individuals who travel across the country in RVs, working part-time jobs along the way to pay for their next stop, and the trend is growing in popularity. It is also believed that the tradition will become even more wildly adopted among boomers once they retire, the news source reports. These part-time gigs can range from all sorts of different jobs.

"Workamper News has a relationship with the Army Corp of Engineers that involves an annual national contract to advertise job opportunities that includes working in fish hatcheries, assisting park rangers as well as other jobs Amusement parks also hire workampers," Steve Anderson, the president of Possibilites Workamper News, told the news provider.

According to CBS Business Network, it doesn't only have to be retirees that do this, it is possible to make a living, and middle-aged Americans have started to prove that.