Caregivers gather to support changes

Caregiver movement beginsThe cost of caring for an elderly individual continues to increase rapidly, leaving many families dealing with a financial burden to keep their loved one healthy and safe. However, there is a new movement that is trying to change that, according to the Register Citizen.

The Care Congress will be hosting its first meeting in Washington D.C. in order to develop some strategies to lessen the blow to family members who are actively caring for their elderly relatives. They plan on developing grassroots campaigns that combine both local and national needs, according to the news source.

Care of adults in either the home or other assisted living facilities is expected to increase in the upcoming years. The media outlet reports that the number of Americans who need long-term care in any facet including nursing homes, assisted living families or home care, is expected to increase from 13 million to 27 million in 2050.

According to Family Caregiver Alliance, 52 million Americans in 2008, which translates to 31 percent of the adult population, are caregivers who provide home care to loved ones.