Active lifestyle for baby boomers reaching retirement

Baby boomers staying activeAs the baby boomers start to enter retirement, ideas of retirement living continues to change. More and more boomers are looking for a more active lifestyle than the previous retirees, and have no intention of slowing down their active life. Peggy Prowe is one of these individuals, as the 72-year-old does not plan on putting her bicycle away any time soon, according to the Northfield Patch.

Prowe has been biking to the grocery store and to run other errands, and if the weather is too bad, she makes a point to go to the gym. Her age does not get in her way, according to the media outlet.

"I don't ride when it's slippery, but I need to get my groceries and get to the Senior Center to swim and stuff on the bike," Prowe says. "Why get the car out? The bike uses calories, not gas, and I can have another cookie."

According to the Ventura County Star, active lifestyles can be achieved at local retirement communities as well. These facilities can be the perfect balance between assisted living housing and independent living, especially for seniors who want to be around a bustling community.