"Sandwich generation" continues to feel the pressure

Sandwich generation feeling the pressureThe "sandwich generation," which are the middle-aged parents who are taking care of their parents and children, are facing a financial burden that is becoming an increasingly significant problem, according to the Telegraph.

The news source reports that two out of five adult children are currently taking care of their aging parents without being able to cover the care bills in England, and it is not that much different for the sandwich generation in the United States.

According to the Daily Finance, there are nearly 10 million American adult children who are over 50 are providing care for their parents, and in doing so will lose up to $3 trillion in wages, pension and Social Security benefits.

Many family caregivers can find solace by having their parents move into an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Even though it may take some persuasion, the aging parents may eventually be happier in that environment and the adult child can feel at ease because their parent is receiving the around the clock care they need.