Moving into assisted living facility is difficult on many facets

Moving into assisted living can be hard on allThe idea of assisted living can be hard on the potential resident along with each of their family members. Steve Butler shares his own experience dealing with having parents that needed to move into assisted living facilities in his article in the Mercury News.

The benefits of assisted living is great for parents that were having a tough time living by themselves. Now, these seniors are able to have everything easily accessible including the cafeteria and salons. Even though it may be a battle to get them to agree, it is usually the case that the parents are happier, Butler reports..

In addition, the amount of care that is needed for elderly seniors can be much more than the average person can take.

"I cannot imagine a situation where other family members could possibly offer the level of care that a professional facility is able to provide," Butler said in the article.

According to the Assisted Living Federation of America, assisted living is a balance in between nursing homes and independent living. It allows its residents the ability to live on their own with help and care constantly there. There are more than a million seniors currently living in assisted living facilities.