As grandparents, baby boomers are more physically active

As grandparents, baby boomers are more physically activeBaby boomers are redefining the golden years, striving to be more physically fit and exercise more regularly. This affects many aspects of their life, including how they interact with their grandchildren. According to the Detroit Free Press, grandmas and grandpas are more active with their grandkids than previous generations.

Part of the reason for this fun new trend is the fact that many baby boomer grandparents are younger than their predecessors were when they became grandparents. Many of them are still in the workforce, which means they are used to being active every day.

"Grandparents' role as loving ancestor and family historian have been diminished," psychiatrist Arthur Kornhaber told the news source. "For baby boomer grandparents, the crony role is big, being like kids together with their grandchildren."

The traditional grandparent role is changing in other ways too. With high divorce rates and single parents, many grandmas and grandpas are taking on step-grandchildren, something that was likely rare among members of The Lost Generation.

Adults who are entering retirement living are likely to use facilities in their community to entertain visiting grandchildren. After all, with so many youngsters to tend to, many older adults will want to practice active living well into the golden years.