Tips for finding the perfect assisted living facility

Finding the perfect assisted living facility for your loved oneThe process of finding the appropriate assisted living facility for your parent of loved one to settle in can be stressful and overwhelming, and something that some wish they could avoid entirely. However, it is a part of many lives, and it is important to find the best place for your loved one.

There are a couple tell-tale signs that a facility is right for your relative, and you first impression is very important. If you immediately do not think the place is clean enough or the staff isn't friendly enough, you may not want to wait around to find out if you are wrong. Some individuals don't want the facility to appear like an assisted care program, especially for their loved one. If that's the case, you may want to find a place where it feels more like a home.

Many times the little things are what counts as well. For example, if the cook creates the food that the residents like or there are photos of the seniors who are living there, it may make a difference.

According to the Assisted Living Federation of America, there are nearly 36,000 assisted living facilities across the country.