Must-Do Training for Retirement Community Sales Associates

Successful training programs for retirement community sales associates requires the following elements:

Selling to Generational Differences
Seniors (60s, 70s and 80s) and Boomers (mid-40s to mid-60s) are primary targets for active retirement facilities. Both of these generations are very different. It is critical to your closing ratio that your agents use different sales approaches to create more sales. Your training needs to show them how to read people, determine their hot buttons and create a sense of urgency.

Physical Changes Affecting the Buying Decision
Another important element of training helps associates identify various changes in the aging process that affect their sales presentation. It should providepractical techniques for handling physical changes and communicating more effectively in ways senior adults can understand better. The training should   demonstrate age-related physical changes, especially those dealing with declining vision and hearing.

Getting to Yes with Retirement Community Buyers
The ability to process information decreases with age. Our analytical ability declines but our ability to understand through analogies and metaphors increases. Older adults tend to become more right-brain oriented. It is more effective to explain concepts in terms of right brain concepts using pictures,icons, story-telling, and emotionally-enriched words. Training should deal with these communications concepts for dealing with older adults.

Including the Drivers of Retirement Housing
Finally, training should include the five key behavioral drivers that motivate decisions. The underlying motivational values of senior adults are:

Maintaining autonomy or independence; connectedness to family, friends or society; a rising sense of altruism or giving back to society; personal growth in mental or spiritual ways; revitalization through play, and rest and relaxation or change of pace.

Using these senior-friendly approaches increase retirement community sales results.

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