Pharmacists can help with questions about medication

It may not be the most celebrated holiday, but the fact is that May is Older Americans Month. This marks a time to look after the needs of seniors who may require a little more assistance than usual, whether that means hiring a home care aid or just stopping by more often.

To commemorate the month, The American Pharmacists Association recommends helping older adults become more aware of how much help a simple visit to the pharmacy can be, because pharmacists can not only prescribe medications, they can help with directions, side effects and other issues that can arise.

In fact, they can also conduct limited screenings of cholesterol and blood pressure levels, along with blood sugar and osteoporosis.

Pharmacists can help with questions about medication Some are willing to help patients with more personal problems, whether they want to stop smoking but need guidance or are looking to live an active lifestyle while managing a chronic condition.

Some suggest that regular visits to the pharmacist can make seniors better aware of their own health, and make it more apparent where a more in-depth visit to the doctor may be necessary. 

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