New Florida law adds a step to continuing care communities

It used to be the case that moving into a continuing care community was a final, irrevocable decision and an emotional transition for many. This has proven to be particularly difficult in recent years as more baby boomers are looking to age at home, but also plan for their future. 

That has all changed in Florida, thanks to a new law that allows older adults to receive the services of a continuing care community while aging at home.

New Florida law adds a step to continuing care communities The legislation effectively adds a new step to the experience, so that those who aren't ready - or able - to leave their houses can still employ skilled nursing aides and use other amenities.

"This gives the [facility] the ability to provide services to people who want to live off-campus," state representative Kathleen Passadomo told Naples Daily News. "A lot of people can't sell their home and they are stuck."

Continuing care communities are good options for those who are looking for an intimate, neighborhood-feel to services they will often use for decades to come. They can also be an optimal choice for spouses who have different levels of need, but want to stay together.

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