Book tells tale of home care

A new book, entitled A Bittersweet Season, by author Jane Gross details her experience helping her aging mother, and all of the turbulent emotions that accompany the journey, according to The Seattle Times. 

Gross is a regular reporter for The New York Times, so her prose is full of heartwarming - and heart-breaking - moments that are sure to leave readers in a similar situation feeling like the book strikes close to home.

Book tells tale of home care She approaches the subject from a comprehensive angle, covering studies, interviews and testimonies from others who have helped with home care.

Gross and her brother, Michael, had to start tending to the needs of her mother in the early 2000s. Eventually, Michael and she start to argue about long-term care options until settling on moving her mother to a nursing home.

"Being clueless - utterly clueless - is the central and unavoidable part of this experience," she writes, the news source reports.

This kind of novel can be a boon to caregivers who are starting to feel isolated, because of their responsibilities. Experts suggest that it's crucial to maintain a connection with the outside world while tending to a loved one - whether that means going to a support group or just logging onto Facebook to stay in touch.  

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