Being stuck in the sandwich generation

The sandwich generation is a term that seems to be getting used more and more lately. It refers to parents who are trying to raise children - or just support adult children - while also looking after older adults who are in need of home care

This can lead to a stressful situation to say the least, and Patty Knap recently wrote about the difficulty that faces families who are tending to the needs of a senior who is also afflicted with a chronic health condition.

Medical issues can sometimes require the help of a skilled nursing professional and they can also raise important questions about what long-term care options may be best for a loved one.

Being stuck in the sandwich generation If a condition continues to deteriorate, it may be time to consider assisted living communities where a parent can be watched over by trained professionals.

However, there is often the need to compromise, since many older adults want to live at home. This is where adult daycare programs can come in handy, because caregivers can count on these services to help supplement their responsibilities while they are at the office or spending time with children.  

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