Start off the summer with a new fitness regimen

The weather is getting nicer, and nowadays there are fewer and fewer excuses to stay inside and watch TV when there are so many opportunities to go outside and enjoy a walk around the neighborhood. Just a little extra movement a day can do wonders for both mental and physical health.

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimating that more than 62 percent of adults do not meet the recommended exercise amount, older Americans should focus on improving their own fitness levels for a more energetic and healthier retirement living.

"Exercise is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth," Marie Bernard, deputy director of the National Institute of Aging, told USA Today.

Start off the summer with a new fitness regimen "With all the gains we've made over the years allowing people to live longer, it would be nice if more people would take advantage of exercise to improve the quality of a longer life."

One study is examining whether exercise can help keep seniors more mobile and independent by reducing frailty. Eight universities total are conducting the research, studying 1,600 participants to find out how it may be best to maintain an independent living lifestyle.

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