How to lower stroke risk for Stroke Awareness Month

It may be ironic that most Americans are unaware that May is a month for awareness - for strokes, in particular. This health condition is the leading cause of death worldwide, causing 4.4 million deaths each year, according to 

The prevalence emphasizes the need for older Americans to think about their own stroke risk.

"Hypertension is the most important and treatable factor for stroke, yet more than half of Americans with high blood pressure don't have it under control," Dr.

How to lower stroke risk for Stroke Awareness Month Avitzur told The Bellingham Herald.

Additionally, one should focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. Improving cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure are important, as are controlling blood sugar levels, especially if a patient already has diabetes.

Likewise, diet is strongly associated with stroke risk. Servings of fruits and vegetables have been found to significantly reduce one's chances. Sodium-heavy diets can raise the risk.

Exercise is another great way to stay healthy during retirement living while lowering stroke risk. Try engaging in 30 minutes of mid-intensity aerobic exercise for five days a week. Experts suggest yoga or Tai Chi as low-impact fitness routines that can be performed by most everyone.  

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