The Truth in Advertising your Community

The image you portray for your Community is as important as the message you convey through your marketing campaigns. Does one support the other in terms of its true meaning versus public perception? How often have you seen the truth in advertising? When Ritz Crackers was re-launched as Ritz Bits in an attempt to revitalize the brand, how is it that the advertising moguls thought that by making the cracker smaller it would make it taste better or be more desirable? And how many of you had trouble finding the crackers on the shelf when they changed the packaging?

You must ensure consistency in whatever message you are delivering to the public whether you plan to do news print, glossy magazines, television or use some other vehicle for your mixed media messaging. Mixed Media consists of images, photos and music. Pictures are a very powerful tool when combined with the right musical background and concise word imaging. Have you done a marketing study on the various aspects that make up your message? Heres a short list to get you started:

  • what types of music and instrumentals are listened to most by seniors;
  • what type and form of announcer is more appealing to your target audience;
  • which colours portray a warm environment your communitys environment;
  • which adjectives and adverbs describe your perfect residents and amenities best;
  • what duration or size and placement of ad will catch and keep the attention of your next caller; and
  • what geographical locations should be targeted.

How many times have you tried to re-invent the wheel in your promotions? History is a great teacher to learn from what we have done in the past in order to anticipate results in the future. If you have a great magazine ad that has drawn new residents, then maybe you only need to freshen the look with new models or a simple colour and format change. Dont change the words!

You should also be able to use the same word copy (with a little minor editing) in your phone hold messages that you use in your TV ads. Have you specified at what times youre to be aired and along with which programs if you are advertising on television? Are these programs drawing senior viewers? Have you watched the old Ironside and Perry Mason reruns to notice which communities are advertising? Is the timing right for mature adults versus childrens programming? If youre trying to get the kids to check out your facility for the grandparents, then that might work. But in all probability, it will fall on deaf ears or make for a good snack break to the kitchen.

Yes, there are a lot of questions to ask yourself and ensure you know the answers before you make a costly mistake. So please be consistent, be persistent, and then you will be remembered!

Still have questions? Feel free to contact me in person via email to [email protected] or telephone me at 604.984.7445 and Ill help fill in the blanks.