Will there be enough assisted living options for older adults?

As the population of the United States gets a little grayer, some experts are predicting that there will be a new leap in demand for high-quality assisted living communities in the future, where one can enjoy retirement without worrying about the constant maintenance of a larger home or frequent trips to the hospital. 

However, Mike Hargrave, the vice president of National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing and Care Industry, recently told Commerical Real Estate radio that he doesn't think there will be enough of these kinds of accommodations to meet the needs of the 78 million baby boomers, according to CityBizList.com.

"Are we building enough to meet the levels of demand? I think the simple answer is probably not," he said.

Will there be enough assisted living options for older adults? "We're looking at long, sustained growing demand starting in 2015 and construction has to pick up in order to meet demand."

It may be difficult to find retirement living options, but experts suggest that using the internet to research available accommodations can be a great way to start. After that, prospective residents should narrow down their selections and visit a few in person before choosing. 

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