Can a trip to the store help seniors live longer?

Taiwanese researchers who studied the shopping habits of 1,850 participants over the age of 65 have concluded that frequent shoppers may have a higher life expectancy, according to Healthday News. They have hypothesized that this can be due to the increased socialization, physical activity and even better quality food purchased by shopping seniors.

"Frequent shopping among the elderly is related to increased walking - a low-impact physical activity that can improve heart health as well as balance and coordination," said Kelly D.

Can a trip to the store help seniors live longer? Horton, a research and policy specialist at the Center for Healthy Aging in Washington, D.C, the news source reports.

Approximately half of participants said that they never or rarely shopped, while 22 percent went out two or four times a week. Seventeen percent shopped every day. Men who shopped once a day were 28 percent less likely to die and women were 23 percent less likely.

Researchers warn that the statistics may be entertaining, but have too many other factors to be characterized as causal. The type of individual who shopped was found to already be more able-bodied than their peers.

The data may also be tied into the health benefits of regular walking, which has been shown to improve mood, cardiovascular health and reduce one's chance of neurological disorders.  

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