How to tell if a parent needs extra care

Aging parents are often very independent, which means that it's sometimes up to the rest of the family to be aware of any definitive changes in their health or behavior. Being watchful of these signs can help indicate when it may be time for seniors to move to an assisted living community. 

Sara Lynn-Reynolds recently wrote for The Foxborough Patch explaining that discussion is the key to keeping track of a parent's health.

How to tell if a parent needs extra care Keep up to date with their hobbies, interests and social activities. Experts often suggest that isolation can be a signal that something is wrong.

"Have you noticed that your parents are reluctant or unable to walk short distances; out to the mailbox, down stairs, to the garage or car? Have they had knee or hip surgery?" Lynn-Reynolds writes.

When visiting the house, take note of any signs of neglect. Spoiled food in the refrigerator, an overgrown yard or a cluttered home can be other indicators that a senior needs some assistance.

Sometimes, parents may be able to spend their golden years at home but require some assistance from home care workers. Families should approach the topic years in advance, so that older adults are best able to communicate their preferences.

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