Caring for parents, children and grandchildren?

hen an older parent moves in with a family, there's a lot of pressure put on the primary caregiver. An adult child has to take a senior to doctor's appointments, daily activities and stores. However, a new survey by Engage Mutual has found that there are more responsibilities for the sandwich generation that generally go overlooked. 

Some households appear to be giving financial assistance not only to their parents, but to adult children and, in some cases, grandchildren.

Caring for parents, children and grandchildren? Almost half of those surveyed said that they also had to pay for some of a grandchild's needs. Additionally, 55 percent had helped children purchase a home.

In many cases, this comes at a time where one is also giving home care to a senior. However, while 44 percent said that their funds were being drained by the burdens, it seems that it was a source of happiness for many. Nearly 80 percent of respondents said that they were happy to be helping family members.

Finding a balance when one is part of a sandwich - or club sandwich - generation can be a juggling act every day, but finding day care or skilled nursing services for older parents may help supply caregivers with some much-needed relief.  

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