Health should come first when thinking of a move

Retirees who are thinking about making that big move to a senior living community should first and foremost consider the state of their health and how it would be affected if they were to make the decision. While skilled nursing services are often available in these areas, it's wise to take all the factors into account - because, in the end, one may choose to stay in the same region. 


Health should come first when thinking of a move Michael Warren recently recommended that older adults who are looking into spots for retirement living should consider the availability of accessible healthcare. He listed a number of questions that seniors should ask themselves.

"First of all, what kind of health care are you using now, and are you happy with it? For example, do you have a family doctor and what kind of practice does he or she have? A solo practice, where there is only one doctor whom you always see, can be quite different from a larger group practice, where you might see any one of several different doctors at different times. Which type do you prefer?" he wrote.

Other factors should also come into play. Make sure a new home has amenities nearby, such as a vibrant community, shopping centers, public transportation and leisure activities.  

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