Seniors who never slow down

More seniors are now living an active lifestyle and choosing to do so by going to the gym. No matter what decade, these older adult have put an emphasis on fitness and seem to have no intention of slowing down. 

This is the case of Fred Fay, 73, who goes to Gold's Gym almost every day to work out for an hour or more, according to Highlands Today.

Seniors who never slow down He has been lifting at a number of gyms for nearly 40 years. Twelve years ago, Fay had open heart surgery but the news source reports that his recovery was expedited by his good health.

Jim Ladd, 74, is another senior who is spending his retirement living at the gym. He participates in a Silver Sneakers exercise program in Ohio with his wife, 73-year-old Pat. He generally uses circuit-training machines. Ladd had a stroke four years ago, but hasn't appeared to let that affect his independence.

Many health experts suggest that exercise is crucial to maintaining mobility and overall health during the golden years. Those who are just starting to work out may want to begin with low-impact activities, such as swimming or using an elliptical machine.  

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