Eye-deas You Can Use

If you are experiencing vision problems due to normal changes that occur as we age or from eye conditions, here are ten tips you can use to live more independently and safely:

1. Keep rooms well lit. Use nightlights in bedrooms, hallways, and the bath at night.

2. Eliminate clutter; return things to the same place; try using a basket to store keys, TV remotes, and other items.

3. Remove coffee tables, throw rugs or electrical cords that present a tripping hazard.

4. Use contrasting colors to make your doorways, stairs, and furniture easy to see.

5. Use cutting boards in colors that contrast with food; a white board for slicing red apples; a dark board for onions.

6. Mark appliance controls with tactile dots or raised markings.

7. Use towels, washcloths, and bath mats that contrast sharply with the tub and tiles.

8. Identify your medications accurately. Use large print or tactile labels or talking prescription bottles

9. Find out about talking and large numeral clocks, watches, calculators, and other talking or large numeral devices.

10. If you are interested in reading, check into large print books, audio books, magnification devices such as video magnifiers in portable and desktop versions.

By Priscilla Rogers, PhD, with theAmerican Foundation for the Blind,is an expert in aging and vision loss.