Selling with Social Media

Social websites should be investigated and included in your Communications Strategy as they can be instrumental in helping you to target your audience to ensure you are sending a message they want to hear when they want to hear it. It is a cyber-form of networking but without having to leave your office or sell in an overt manner.

Networking in the 21st century has taken on a whole new dimension with the proliferation of social websites to assist both Type A and non-Type As to get out and meet people. Whether its a virtual forum called a webinar where individuals sign in to a common site to learn more about a new product or service or to having a multi-level tele-conference between a speaker and participants, business people all over the globe are logging in.

All successful sales people need to have a strong and ever-growing network of contacts. In order to capture more connections and lessen the 6 Degrees of Separation between us, we use generic professional sites like LinkedIn and Plaxo Pulse. If youre combining both your personal and professional lives, you may wish to explore Facebook and get a Twitter account. Connecting with people has advanced well beyond a simple Messenger or Yahoo account.

As we know, most sales professionals have strong A characteristics and getting out in public to meet new people for professional or personal advancement is one of them. However, with less time in our day to physically go out and with the Gen X & Gen Y making their presence more known, these younger techno-savvy generations are logging on to share everything about their lives and likes.

Of course, every market or industry segment has found specialized social sites that cater to their industry and demographics. Here is a very brief list of some of those for you to investigate to see what suits you best in retirement living:

  • is designed for the Baby Boomer generation who comprise of those born in the 1950s and before 1965 who want substance in their online chats.
  • is seen more as a fad rather than a legitimate way to network for business purposes but has staying power and keeps people in touch.
  • was created in Vancouver, British Columbia by a fellow who started Use this photo album sharing site to highlight your rooms, facilities and entire community.
  • is a great way to build a group of followers that you want to get instant updates to. Use this to promote upcoming activities, signing specials or move in bonuses.
  • is where anyone and everyone can share their favourite videos with the rest of the world, from recent news footage on CNN to Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing to your moms last birthday party.

Social Media sites are now key messaging tools to be included in any cohesive Communications Strategy. They are an important tool that you can use to build your network based on established relationships. More importantly, they lend credibility to you and an offer to share information in a non-competitive forum. When searching for a site or the right venue to stay connected, consider your answers to the following question before you sign up and log in: How can you best get your targets attention to hear your message over all the others?

Still have questions? Feel free to contact me in person via email to [email protected] or telephone me at 604.984.7445 and Ill help fill in the blanks.