Skilled nursing, day care can help prevent caregiver burnout

Families who are looking after a partner or senior parent every day can often feel physically and emotionally stressed. One survey found that 69 percent of caregivers reported that their responsibilities were the number one source of stress.

This mindset can further lead to feelings of isolation and helplessness, especially if one doesn't reach out for help. Gerontologist Andrew Crocker recently told Abilene Reporter News that if caregivers suffer from a lack of concentration or energy, trouble sleeping or high blood pressure, caregivers may be suffering from burnout and should seek support.

Experts suggest that hire skilling nursing services for a home can be an effective supplement to families who need assistance.

Skilled nursing, day care can help prevent caregiver burnout Likewise, if a primary caregiver needs a break from the duties, day care programs offer a safe place for older adults to stay for the day.

Caregivers can sometimes become stressed by problems that can't be fixed. The news source reports that, to manage this mood, remember to only think about the issues that can be solved. Adequate rest is another primary way to deal with too much stress.  

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