State-of-the-art independent living community opens in San Francisco

After 11 long years, the Institute on Aging has officially opened a new campus for an independent living community in San Francisco. Officials are enthusiastic about the ideas that have developed over the course of its construction and hope that it marks a new kind of retirement living.

"The integration of housing and services to support independent living for older adults is a new and unique model nationally," said David Werdegar, CEO of the Institute on Aging.

State-of-the-art independent living community opens in San Francisco "The focus of IOA's new campus is to provide everything necessary to enable older adults in the Bay Area to maintain their health, well-being, independence and participation in life."

One of the unique features of the 50,000 square foot building is its circular design, which is meant to avoid any long corridors and help seniors navigate their surroundings. There is a central courtyard as well. Each room is constructed to be an intimate space, but the overall campus blueprint is meant to foster togetherness and interaction.

As more baby boomers age and the demand for senior living communities continues to rise, companies are striving to create new and better facilities. In Duluth, Minnesota, one business is working to create retirement homes that are central hubs for the surrounding area, so that intergenerational contact is an everyday occurrence. 

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