How to tell when a parent may need assisted living care

It's often difficult to decide when a parent may no longer be able to live at home, but there are some definitive signs that families can identify among older adults that can help them tell when the time may be right for an assisted living facility. The two factors to be most aware of are changes in communication and in self-care, according to 

This means that if a grandparent used to call the house frequently - or seems to be forgetting important dates - one may want to take note of a loved one's health.

How to tell when a parent may need assisted living care Alternatively, some older adults may start to call the house more at odd hours, or seem indifferent to the conversations.

Any significant changes in behavior may be indicative of a need for Alzheimer's care in the future. Visiting a senior can also be an effective way to indirectly gauge how well he or she is doing.

If there are signs of self-neglect in hygiene or around the home, or social seniors suddenly appear to favor isolation, families may want to discuss the possibility of a senior living home, where a parent can be safer.

Before choosing a retirement living community, experts suggest that it's best to research all of the options and visit the facilities to get to know the staff and residents.  

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