Seniors in Florida lead active lifestyle with Nintendo Wii

Active living is a big key to enjoying the golden years and a group of seniors at the Jackson County Senior Citizens Center had been planning to get their dose of daily exercise by purchasing a Nintendo Wii, according to The Jackson County Floridan. 

After deciding to buy the console, they were treated to an unexpected surprise - the Pilot Club of Marianna donated a Wii to the center free of charge.

Seniors in Florida lead active lifestyle with Nintendo Wii President Dorothy Chaney explained to the news source that a Wii can involve everyone in the fun, because even those who are bound to a wheelchair can participate in everything from golf to bowling.

Healthcare facilities have been using the video game systems in their activity and therapy departments and, because the motions associated with each video game can strengthen core muscles, it seems that the Wii could be a key to healthy retirement living.

One study has shown that using the console for just six weeks may have physical benefits for balance and strength, which could lead to a reduced risk of falls, according to The New York Times.  

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