Life expectancy rises in United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently raised the U.S. life expectancy to an average of 78 years and 2 months. Women are now expected to live to an average of 80.6 years and men are expected to live 75.7 years.

While this marks a minor change, other findings by the organization indicate that retirement living is safer and healthier than ever.

Life expectancy rises in United States  The rates of death for many chronic conditions experienced significant dips.

Perhaps due to increased awareness about vaccinations, pneumonia and influenza death rates dropped by 4.7 percent. The numbers of fatality caused by stroke dropped by 4.2 percent.

Statistically significant decreases in death were seen across baby boomer and senior age groups (55 to 84 years) as well, which indicates that many more older adults will be enjoying their golden years in the future.

A senior living a social, active and healthy lifestyle are generally thought to be the most likely to enjoy longevity. One study has shown that these factors may be more important than genetics, because hereditary effects may come less into play than personal life decisions.  

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