80 percent of Alzheimer's care done at home

A new report conducted by the Alzheimer's Association has highlighted the unique problems facing caregivers of those who are affected by the disease. Approximately 60 percent of caregivers reported having high levels of stress that can lead to health and emotional issues.

Overall, 80 percent of Alzheimer's care was found to be done at home, which means that many caregivers may be looking for skilled nursing services to help them with their responsibilities.

80 percent of Alzheimer's care done at home This could be especially true for families who are often caught between holding jobs while looking after a senior - 61 percent of women and 70 percent of men said that they had to go into work late because of their duties.

Who are these caregivers? The research showed that 60 percent are women and 56 percent are 55 or older. More than half of these individuals were also found to be the primary breadwinners of the household, which underscores the need for more relief for those who are trying to support a family while taking care of a senior.

Radio personality Leeza Gibbons told The Osceola Sentinel-Tribune that stress is often an everyday experience for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients. To try and stay calm, one should be confident, practice relaxed breathing and reach out for support. 

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