Laughter may be key to Alzheimer's care

Lisa Moore, writing for The Charlotte Observer, recently noted that, when it comes to Alzheimer's care, laughter may be the best medicine. Moore is coming to terms with visiting her 88-year-old mother in her memory care facility while also taking care of her daughter and working multiple jobs.

Over time, she's coming to some important realizations about life as a caregiver.

"My house will never be clean; I'll never get everything on my list done; I can give up having a personal life for a while; and I won't survive any of this without a sense of humor," she wrote.

Additionally, simply participating in the everyday humor of life can take the sting out of any tragic situation.

Laughter may be key to Alzheimer's care Moore cites one recent instance where she met up with her mother, who was initially upset until Moore provided her with a stuffed dog that played the classic 70s tune Hot Stuff. They proceeded to dance around the room.

The Alzheimer's Association estimates that there are 5.3 million Americans with Alzheimer's disease and one in eight baby boomers will develop the illness in the coming years.

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