Study links 3 or more glasses of liquor a day to pancreatic cancer

A new study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine has found that heavily drinking hard alcohol every day may lead to pancreatic cancer. The research team came to the conclusion after studying approximately one million patients, starting in 1982 and ending in 2006.

These findings could be especially pertinent for a senior living a healthy lifestyle.

"Alcoholic beverage consumption - a modifiable lifestyle factor - is causally related to several cancers, including oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, liver, colorectum and female breast," the authors wrote as a background.

Study links 3 or more glasses of liquor a day to pancreatic cancer "Heavy alcohol consumption causes acute and chronic pancreatitis but has never been linked definitively to pancreatic cancer."

That seems to have changed. The findings produced by the team showed that men who drank three or more glasses of liquor every day - and women who had four or more - had a 36 percent higher chance of pancreatic cancer if they were non-smokers.

This was only true for liquor, rather than beer or wine.

Another study has found that there may be some beneficial effects to drinking alcohol in moderation during retirement living. Light to moderate drinking was found to lower instances of dementia by a margin that was statistically significant.

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