Selling to Boomers Unique Lifestyle

Many Boomers 60 and older are seeking retirement residences that reflect their deeply embedded attitude about living full lives as they age. They are concerned about being healthy and achieving a desired lifestyle on their own terms.

Getting on the right side of their attitude will make your retirement community especially attractive to them.

Boomer generational DNA is hardwired into living young. They think, as The Who sang, I hope I will die before I get old. While they are aging physiologically, they want to be as active and appear as youthful and attractive as possible. Healthy living is linked to their expectations of living a long life. Looking good allows them to feel good, and that can lead to better outcomes in life. Today, cosmetic surgery and dermatology treatments are the fastest growing medical specialties.

So what kinds of services should your retirement community provide that satisfy their desire to live young? Basic activities should include golf, racquetball and tennis courses, swimming pools, saunas, walking trails and fitness-enhancing activities.

Not so basic, but Boomer-friendly, activities might include:

  • Access to community activities one-third of Boomers volunteer on a regular basis
  • Noncredit classes at college and university campuses
  • Spiritual and mental enrichment programs
  • Grandparent and companion travel programs
  • Holistic fitness centers with exercise combined with proper nutrition
  • Food preparation that includes healthy eating diets, organic foods and other natural products.

There is another important element about the generational predisposition to live young. Boomers wont accept organizations that make them feel old. That goes to issues of both associates training, as well as the look and feel of your residential community. It may not consciously be recognized, but they will pick up cues that they are viewed as old by the way your associates act toward them.

The same nonconscious communications occurs with your retirement community. If it conveys the impression that its constructed for old people through architectural design, colors and atmospherics, Boomers will unconsciously say to themselves, This place is not for me.

You might begin with an audit of your retirement community with these Boomer characteristics in mind and make changes that appeal to this generation.

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