Getting Social with

There's a lot of 'buzz' about social media, but there's no question that it will help your website get exposure. It's essential to apply these strategies, because social networking has become integral for Senior Living websites.

The rise of social media on the Internet over the last several years is inescapable...Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogging... social media has raised the bar for online communication. Every Senior Living operator with a website needs an expanding social networking strategy in place, frequently refreshing information and content.

Interactive communities, liked LinkedIn, provide Senior Living users with opportunities to find colleagues with similar interests. In other instances, a combination of communities - LinkedIn, Flickr and Facebook - have assisted Senior Living companies to find aligned services and online end users to successfully market and bring awareness to their websites.

Social media delivers opportunities for communities to get further involved in the Web, and is on the cutting edge of online Senior Living communications. is offering a comprehensive strategy to get involved with social media:

  • A News Widget listing articles from the Library
  • The Social media Widget with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and an E-mail application

Go to this page and check out our Widgets for your Website. Its an effective way to generate content and hook into the most popular social media tools. Get into social media with the Internet experts,