Inside News has gone through its own Changes of Latitudes and Attitudes. As conference season heats up we know that you'll want to know more aboutour speakers, exhibitors and in house team.

Introducing our management and staff:

Evan Heltay, Founder & President. Evan founded in 1997 and has guided its growth to become North America's largest and most comprehensive online Senior Living Directory. He is a popular speaker at trade conferences across North America and internationally.

Blair Carey, Managing Director. Blair provided background and industry research for Abacus, a Private Equity firm that purchased and successfully operates a regional group of Retirement and Long-Term Care facilities in Canada. He leads all of the teams day-to-day activities including customer sales & service,operations and communications.

Steven Fleisher, National Account Manager. Steven's keen understanding of lead generation has developed a position for him as a sought-after Web marketer. He is acknowledged by clients for his flair in explaining Internet concepts in a concise and practical manner.

Robert Walker, Brand Manager. Robert creates increased visibility for partner organizations and websites. He has consulted on marketing projects across North America and has boosted revenue and exposure for organizations in both the private and public sectors. His partners include the International Council on Active Aging, the American Medical Directors Association, and

Tracy Delgado, Associate, Sales. Tracy is the logistical manager behind the sales and customer service team. She excels at Customer Relations and interacts with clients to ensure that all their needs are met.

Lolita Heredia, Associate, Operations. Lolita's growing role as our operations specialist has created an invaluable place for her at She oversees many in-house responsibilities to ensure the smooth working of the company.

Stephen Winbaum, Communications Coordinator. Stephen is responsible for creating and managing website content and working closely with contributors. He is the editor of the monthly newsletter and the creator and manager of the Senior Living Library, a fresh content anthology of international senior-related articles.

Hagai Maidenberg, Chief Technology Officer. Hagai is the driving force behind's cutting edge technology, online market direction, and commitment to push the envelope. He leverages the companys technical architecture, to create partnerships with various companies which allows to provide their clients with the highest ROI.

Abdulla Shaib, Web Developer. Abdulla is a compatibility specialist implementing cascading style sheet CSS. He is a specialist in e-Commerce Web development.