Adult children shouldn't stand in way of downsizing parents

Many seniors choose to downsize their homes when they are entering their golden years, because they no longer need as much living space and bigger houses can prove to be difficult to maintain. However, when parents are moving to an independent living community, some adult children may fret about the decision.

This was the case when Jean Long Manteufel, CEO of Long's Senior Transitions, was helping one couple in their 80s relocate, according to The Post Crescent.

Adult children shouldn't stand in way of downsizing parents The children, who were now in their 50s, became upset that their parents were deciding to move out and leave the place of their childhood behind.

The news source reports that the son had even insisted, "Mom, you can't sell our house!"

When senior parents are choosing to move to a retirement living home, it's a good idea to have a thorough discussion about the plan as a family. This can help everyone understand the situation.

The process of moving may also be emotionally difficult. Older adult may want to consider giving cherished items and heirlooms to children so that they can still visit them. If this isn't possible, try photographing valuables and starting an album.

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