Caregivers should plan ahead for responsibilities

It's often tempting to wait until an emergency to start attending to the needs of an older parent, but this may not be the wisest course of action. The Calgary Herald suggests that planning beforehand can be very helpful to those who find themselves stuck in the sandwich generation.

One of the first concerns that may arise is finances during a parent's retirement living.

Caregivers should plan ahead for responsibilities This is the case of Cathy and Brian Mc-Closkey. Cathy's 77-year-old mother moved closer after her husband passed away, while Brian's 90-year-old aunt had a greater need for homecare.

"Financially, we have my mum and our aunt and our three sons," Cathy told the news provider. "And we're kind of sitting in the middle, in our 50s, enjoying the trip, but also recognizing that the financial stuff keeps on nagging at you."

Money can be a difficult topic for families to discuss, because many older adults may be sensitive to financial affairs. Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade recommends that families talk among themselves before consulting an advisor. states that it's best to have a conversation, not a confrontation. Try an indirect approach, such as mentioning a friend who had a similar situation or a news story about seniors and finances.

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