Exercise may be the elixir of youth

A new study has found that a senior living an active lifestyle may not only experience mental and physical benefits from staying fit, but may also delay some effects of aging, according to The New York Times.

The research, conducted at McMaster University in Ontario, found that regular exercise kept one strain of mice from graying prematurely.

Exercise may be the elixir of youth In fact, fitness may help repair mitochondrial mutations, which can be a major cause of disability and frailty caused by aging. The breaking down of these cells can result in hair loss, muscle shrinkage and a loss in brain volume.

The mice who ran for 45 minutes three times a week on a wheel for an eight month period were found to have retained many of their youthful characteristics when compared to their less active peers, who were weak and losing their fur.

"Exercise alters the course of aging," researcher Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky told the news provider.

This suggests that older adults who want to remain youthful during their retirement living may also want to engage in regular exercise. Some research has shown that staying active can add years to the lifespan as well, according to United Press International.

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