Caregiver shares the three basics of Alzheimer's care

Emmy-award winning TV and radio personality Leeza Gibbons recently shared some of her own experiences attending to her mother, who was in need of Alzheimer's care for 10 years, according to The Osceola Sentinel-Tribune.

"Watching her decline felt like an emotional, physical and spiritual assault, which every member of my family dealt with individually," she told the news source.

She explained that there are basic components to constantly watching over a parent with dementia and it begins with focusing on oneself.

Caregiver shares the three basics of Alzheimer's care First, it's key to simply breathe. That means working to reduce stress before it can cause health problems for a caregiver. Try designing a schedule that makes it easier to help a senior living with Alzheimer's.

Optimism is another important element to caregiving. One should highlight how they have assisted an older adult, rather than feeling guilty about what they could be doing better. Lastly, one should try to find a support group of others who are caring for an Alzheimer's patient.

The Alzheimer's Association estimates that there are currently 5.3 million Americans suffering from the disease and 10.9 million unpaid family members providing care to them.

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