Nursing homes around the country focusing on making golden years golden

When one traditionally thinks of a nursing home, the stark white hallways of hospital corridors are often the first image that comes to mind. However, these days many nursing homes realize that seniors want to live an enjoyable and comfortable retirement in style, and many facilities are adjusting to accommodate them.

Fairview Haven Retirement Community in Fairbury, Illinois, has started a new campaign with this goal in mind, entitled "Putting The Gold Back Into the Golden Years.

Nursing homes around the country focusing on making golden years golden "

"These improvements definitely improve the quality of life for our residents," Dave Blunier, assistant administrator, told The Pontiac Daily Leader.

It is far from the only nursing home that is undergoing a radical transformation. The news source reports that across the country these communities are trying to become more like a real home than a hospital.

In Fairview, all of the nursing stations have been moved to a different area to make way for a large and luxurious living room. The main nursing office and medication rooms have also been redesigned.

The American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living estimate that millions of baby boomers will need senior housing options in the future, which means that it's important for older adults to begin financially planning for their golden years.

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