Moving a senior into an assisted living home can be a burden

One can never fully prepare for the burden of caregiving responsibilities. Even registered nurse Linda Van Cleave learned this lesson when she had to help her 96-year-old aunt Phyllis Barclay move into a new extra care facility, according to The Vancovuer Sun.

The move was complicated in part because Barclay had lived in her condo for the past 33 years. She had a vast collection of trophies for golf and curling, as well as newspaper clippings and photos of the events.

Moving a senior into an assisted living home can be a burden These had to be safely packaged away by a senior moving company that Van Cleave hired to assist her.

"Nobody really understands, until they do it, the magnitude of it," she told the news provider. Scheduling enough time to commence with the move was difficult as well, because Van Cleave also cares for her 102-year-old father.

Moving expert John Verster recommends that families encourage older adults to take pictures of their treasured valuables as well. This can be an alternative to trying to fit everything into a new home at a retirement living community.

News outlet Steamboat Today also suggests organizing items in terms of importance, so seniors can better decide what to keep and what to give away.

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