New assisted living facilities promotes intergenerational community

In Duluth, Minnesota, there's a new kind of assisted living facility, one that seamlessly integrates seniors with members of other generations. This is becoming an increasingly popular trend among older adults and is known as "aging in community."

"What we're seeing in America is a growing reverse from isolating seniors to integration across ages," said Steve Ordahl, senior vice president for Business and Fund Development,comma a senior housing company.

New assisted living facilities promotes intergenerational community "And that means we're going to see more multi-generational housing communities, where aging is pretty much just a number."

Ordahl has recently been working on these projects throughout Minnesota. In Duluth, he built independent and assisted living facilities within a larger community. The next step is to include other places inside these central hubs, such as daycare facilities and coffee shops.

There is also the Mill City Commons, which is located in downtown Minneapolis and based on the senior village concept, where older adults help each other with day-to-day activities.

Another growing trend is dementia-specific senior housing. These residences can offer specialized Alzheimer's care for patients with the disease, which can make residents happier and safer, according to The Daily Times.

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