Homecare may help caregivers

Karen Carter is one of the younger baby boomers - she's only 48 - but while she should be focused on planning for her own retirement living and taking care of her three teenage sons, she also has to provide her mother with Alzheimer's care, according to Suburban Journals.

This has proven to be a heavy burden on the whole family.

Homecare may help caregivers Her brother, 52-year-old Don Brown, moved across the street so that the siblings can share the responsibility. He looks after their mother after he gets back from work at night.

Still, this may not be enough, especially because stress can accumulate so quickly in this role.

"Each day is different," Carter told the news provider. "Typically we give her her medicine and make sure she is eating."

Some families are choosing to use homecare services as well. These agencies help by assisting older adults with bathing, eating and other tasks each day. They can also provide caregivers with a much-needed break.

The Alzheimer's Association estimates that 5.3 million Americans across the country are affected by the condition and 10.9 million family caregivers are attending to them.

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