Choosing the right continuing care community

A continuing care community (CRC) has an advantage over other retirement homes because seniors can move into a new area and spend all of their golden years there. Medical and personal needs can all be provided for at a CRC.

Seniors residing in these facilities can start in an independent living home - such as a cottage - and move from there to different facilities as they age, according to Garner News.

Choosing the right continuing care community Older adults who choose these living arrangements may find it easier to keep can form deep, long-lasting relationships with other residents and staff.

Each older adult should be sure to ask themselves when it's right to move to a CRC. The news source suggests that those who are having difficulty maintaining a big home and yard or need more assistance in daily tasks may want to consider this step.

When looking at different CRCs, be sure to look at each level of care. That way, seniors can be sure they will be receiving the best possible assistance throughout their stay.

One advantage to CRCs is that couples can also stay together as they age, even if they require different amounts of care.

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