Seniors keep busy at Oklahoma center

Many more seniors are looking to keep active during their retirement living and Life's Senior Center at Southminister Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers countless activities for those who are enjoying their golden years, according to News On 6.

Arts, crafts, exercise classes and even competitive sports are an important part of each visitor's retirement.

"This is what keeps us active," fitness class leader Juanita Hoeffer told the news provider.

Seniors keep busy at Oklahoma center "[And it's] a regular place to come to socialize."

Hoeffer is almost 90.

Another notable activity is the chorus group Vintage Voices, which attracts seniors who want to perform songs for others. They practice once a week and hold recitals as much as possible. Pickle ball is a popular competitive sport - it's a combination of racquetball, tennis and ping pong.

There is also a group of basketball players, Happy Hoopers, who have just qualified for the Senior Olympics. Aside from the physical benefits of exercise, a senior living an active lifestyle may also become more social. Fitness classes are a great opportunity for making new friends and sharing experiences with others.

"[Seniors] just seem to click together, the way they joke, talk and support each other. They have similar challenges and experiences," instructor Jay Soppe recently told Quad-City Times.

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