Many aren't prepared to care for senior parents

A new survey conducted by We Care Home Health Services in Canada has found that 64 percent of Canadians aren't ready to give extra care to a loved one who may need it, according to The Toronto Sun. In fact, less than a quarter (23 percent) of the nation has a plan for longterm care.

"When we think of those who suffer from chronic conditions, we rarely think about the impact their condition has on their loved ones," said industry expert Sue Kelly, the news source reports.

Many aren't prepared to care for senior parents "With the rapid growth of our aging population, more and more Canadians will find themselves suddenly having to care for a loved one and that's going to have a profound impact on the caregivers' time, emotions, finances and energy."

The problem seems to extend to the United States as well, where some experts expect that the growing senior population will create a new burden on family caregivers. This emphasizes the need for homes to come together and decide what's best for a senior, as many older adults may benefit from the specialized care of a nursing home or the maintenance-free lifestyle of an independent living facility.

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